Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Planning to buy a car: Altius Finserv will handle the finances

Altius Finserv has tailor-made automobile plans for you that will never let the rate of interest be the difference between you and your car. We also offer loans for tractors and other commercial vehicles. A loan from us would not make you dismal for even once.
Altius Finserv Private Limited

Planning to upgrade from a two wheeler to a four-wheeler but inflation and high rate of interest causing you to reconsider your stance? Don’t worry. We, at Altius Finserv, Director Pawan Bansal have the perfect solution for this problem. We have a plethora of offerings specific to the automobile industry through which we feel you can buy your dream vehicle.

Let’s admit it. The traffic on Indian roads can make anyone go crazy. Top it up with the frenzy impressed upon by work and add a little zest of vehicles flocking the roads, a two wheeler is a harrowing ride for anyone. It’s extremely risky and tiresome. It might give you a little advantage of time, perhaps a minute or a two, but at what cost? Bikes and other two wheelers are aerodynamically very unstable. A minor snick and your life is at the operating table. And to worsen the situation, if you travel with your spouse or kids on that two wheeler of yours, think twice. Howsoever cautiously you might ride; a careless driver’s mistake can have dire consequences for your life. Travelling on two wheelers was never as dangerous as it is today. This has created a need for an upgrade to a four wheeler.

Altius Finserv Private Limited is a boutique investment banking firm offering financial advisory services like debt syndication, public offerings, private placements, spin-offs and restructurings.

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