Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Enter the Indian automobile sector with Altius Finserv

Indian economy across the global belvedere holds a considerable importance. The country is a plethora of opportunities waiting to be explored. There are a few sectors where India as a market is extremely rewarding. There is a wide gap between demand and supply and this can be bridged with new companies venturing into the sectors. The automobile industry is one such industry that holds great potential, waiting to be explored. Pawan Bansal, Managing Director, Altius Finserv views Indian automotive sector as a grail of prospects.
India is a growing economy influenced by demographics and topologies. And this growing economy has demands convenience under their foot i.e. a commute of their preference. This had made the automobile sector in India hopeful of a favourable time. So if you are an automobile company planning to venture in India, Altius Finserv must be your obvious choice for handling your investments and finances.
Indian automobile industry is on a rise and this trend is clearly reflected by the statistics. India produced 21.48 million vehicles in the financial year 2013-2014. The automobile sector accounts for about 22% of the country’s GDP. As per analysis, about 70% of Indian population will be in the age group of 18-50 years. That’s a huge number of people entering the work force. This means there will be a surge in the sales of automobiles in India, be it cars, two-wheelers, or commercial vehicles.
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This lucrative sector has already had FDI worth US $ 12,232.06 million. There is a demand and supply gap which needs to be bridged. Many automobile companies have already started production of their vehicles in India. The market is diversified and has customers’ demands ranging from economic vehicles to premium luxury rides. Be it German, American or Japanese; every famous automobile giant has eyed Indian market. So if you too are doing the same but are worried about your finances and investors, Altius Finserv will tackle your problems.
Altius Finserv Private Limited is a boutique investment banking firm offering financial advisory services like debt syndication, public offerings, private placements, spin-offs and restructurings.

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