Thursday, 30 July 2015

Altius Finserv offers services for automobile sector after 89% FDI increase

The Indian automobile sector which was going through a crunch for the last two years has picked up and that too with a wide surge. The sector has experienced a growth of stunning 89% in the amount of FDI it has received during the last fiscal year. And going by the analysts, this trend is set to continue for long. This makes Indian automotive sector a hot investment arena.  The foreign investments are expected to grow and various automobile manufacturers are expected to venture in to India to make the most of this opportunity. Altius Finserv, under the experienced aegis of its Managing Director Pawan Bansal has devised specific investment and finance related offerings for automobile companies to make their operations smoother in India.
Altius Finserv Automobiles

The reason for such high FDI accounts for the fact that the companies are using their manufacturing facilities located in India to cater to the international market. The manufacturing and logistics charges in Japan, Philippines and South Korea have gone up. This has brought the giants to India. Also, the labor and other resources in India are cheaper. The only problem that used to persist before was that of ambiguous taxation laws and trade policies. But with PM Modi’s initiative to increase the ease of doing business in India, the system has simplified largely.
Altius Finserv Private Limited is a boutique investment banking firm offering financial advisory services. We also specialize in taking care of finances and other paper work involved. This facilitates the entire procedure of venturing of a company in Indian automobile sector.

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